Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Give me POWER!!!

So there you are, ready to use your new Christmas gift (did you get some good ones?), and BAM! you need batteries. Whether it's for your Travel Lite Brite or some other toy, it's going to need battery power.

This company came up with an ingenious solution! A battery that charges via USB port, but works like...a battery! This pictures show everything you need to know before you purchase. Suffice it to say, even this blogger is WOW'd! :)

Lust rating = mmm, might need it!


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Extremely last minute gift IDEA!!

If you are reading this, the sweat is still coming down your forehead. :) You can be done with the stress with the Apple iTunes $25 Music Card. Good luck!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Shopping - 7 days to go - Item #7 Casio

Yes, the keyword today is Casio. They've got a boatload of delicious toys this year. Their slim Exilim cameras are a great gift. The large LCD and slim size of the camera will get anyone excited.

There's also the Casio G'zOne cell phone. They have a nutty little microsite that explains the features. This cell phone is based on the design idea of the G shock watches that are still popular.

If you want to go old school, there's also the Casio DataBank watches. You remember these, the ones that had a full on calculator on the bottom half of the watch. Retro geek-chic!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Emergency Interruption - Pacific Northwest Blackouts

Interrupting the Christmas Shopping List. Both Seattle and Oregon are currently experiencing massive blackouts. Progress seems to have been made though.

Some items that would help especially to battle the cold weather are: balaclava, butane burner for cooking, and a Coleman lantern to keep some semblance of reality.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Shopping - 13 days to go - Item #13 The Clapper!

A little piece of classic Americana..The Clapper. For those of you lucky enough not to be inundated since the 70's (1970's) with the relentless commercials, the Clapper allows you to control any electronic device by clapping.

So, plug in your lamp, tv, radio, anything, and clap it on and off. This is more of a gag gift than anything. :)

For those interested, here's a digitized version of the TV commercial.

Lust rating = not applicable

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Shopping - 15 days to go - EXCLUSIVE 007 Package Item

Whoa! Is there some Sony Product Manager reading my blog?? This is the ultimate Christmas gadget gift.

It's got the Vaio UX (mmmmm, me want!), Cybershot DSC-T50 digicam, GPS receiver, and aluminum case to carry it all. I'm drooling so much I can't type.

This package reminds me a LOT of the old Sony Qualia package they had going for a while.

Lust rating = NEED IT NOW!!

Christmas Shopping - 15 days to go - Gift NOT to buy

With news headlines proclaiming the dangers of losing your attention to other tasks while driving, you definitely do not want to purchase this as a gift.

This is a table for your laptop that attaches to your steering wheel?!!

Photo credit: Sanwa Direct

Thursday, December 07, 2006

This gadget saves LIVES!

well, ok, it's not really a gadget, but actually just a toy. A New Jersey woman found from her son in Iraq that silly string can help soldiers detect traps. More details at this MSNBC article.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Shopping - 18 days to go - Weird Science

What gadget fanatic would have true cred without some electronics knowledge? To ensure your junior fanatic can claim his/her cred, make sure the gift list includes one of these electronics learning labs.

Learning labs usually do not require knowledge or ownership of a soldering iron. Some have more features than other. The key is, which kit has just enough features that won't overwhelm, but still keep your fanatic engaged? Radio Shack is always a great source for these kits.

Internet searches should also get you some nice sources. Maybe even eBay?


Hear it loud, hear it now!

CNet's Crave blog has a post on a new headset that will work with both cell phone and PC. Wonder what happens when you get a VOIP call while you are already talking on your cell phone..??

Christmas Shopping - 19 days to go - Control Freak

The Harmony 880 Remote Control by Logitech allows you to control all of your audio and video components. The rechargable batteries means never having to worry about replacing batteries.

The Philips TSU7500 Color Pronto Remote Control is a remote that I have heard MANY good reviews about. Because it is so programmable, there are hacks that allow you to type in letters for your TiVO which is great when adding a new Season Pass. Some guy has even created a file to let you control your toy robot via the Pronto.

Lust rating = meh. not for me. :) but it could be something worthy of your loved one!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Shopping - 22 days to go - Items #23: iPod Accessories List to End All Lists AKA Mother of All Lists

Yes! The iPod Accessories List to end ALL accessories list is here!! If this doesn't help you grab that last minute stocking stuffer...hmm, maybe an iTunes $25 Prepaid Card??

This badboy is the Griffin Technology 9125-IFM30 iFM Radio, Remote and Recorder for iPod. It lets you listen to FM radio and record it! You can also use it as a voice recorder. Talk about versatility.

Lust rating = NEED it

The Griffin Technology iTalk Pro Voice Recorder/Dock for iPod is a stereo microphone for your iPod. In fact, it can record in either 16-bit stereo or 8-bit mono for those long, drawn out lectures.

Lust rating = NEED it

The Apple M9861G/A iPod Camera Connector is the solution for those memory cards bursting at the seams with photos when you are out in the field. Using this gadget, you can link up your DSLR to your iPod and dump your photos down into the iPod. Your memory card will then be free again to take photos of those (maid?) characters walking up and down in Akiba. :)

And now for the "Just for Fun" list of iPod gadgets...

This makes turns your iPod into a flashlight. Wow, you could you this when...uhhh, when.....dunno.

Instead of just singing and annoying those around you, why don't you add to the thrill and be able to hear your own voice? Using Griffin Technology iKaraoke for iPod you can hear your own sweet voice along with the music.

And if you REALLY need your music at all times, use the
ATECH FLASH iCarta Stereo Dock with Bath Tissue Holder Hmmm, does this really need a lust rating?? :)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Shopping - 23 days to go - Items #24: Sirius Stiletto 100 + Samsung Helix XM/MP3 DAP

We're down to 23 days until Christmas! Today, I'll be doing items #24 and #23 to make up for a missed day. The concentration on this first post will be on cool, portable satellite radio receivers.

Sirius Stiletto 100
The Sirius Stiletto SL100-PK1 Satellite Radio Receiver let's you listen to satellite radio on the go, over WiFi, and can even store up to 100 hours of music!! Additionally, you can schedule and record music for your driving or workout pleasure. Finally, pause and rewind LIVE radio. You know you want it.

Lust rating = want it

Samsung Helix XM/MP3 Digital Audio Player
The Samsung YX-M1Z Helix XM2go Portable Satellite Radio with MP3 Player offers not only on-the-go satellite radio reception, but MP3 audio playing. In addition to that, it can store up to 50 hours of XM radio programming, and includes a wireless FM transmitter to send XM to any FM radio frequency.

Lust rating = meh. The Stiletto's scheduled recording got me. :)