Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Shopping - 22 days to go - Items #23: iPod Accessories List to End All Lists AKA Mother of All Lists

Yes! The iPod Accessories List to end ALL accessories list is here!! If this doesn't help you grab that last minute stocking stuffer...hmm, maybe an iTunes $25 Prepaid Card??

This badboy is the Griffin Technology 9125-IFM30 iFM Radio, Remote and Recorder for iPod. It lets you listen to FM radio and record it! You can also use it as a voice recorder. Talk about versatility.

Lust rating = NEED it

The Griffin Technology iTalk Pro Voice Recorder/Dock for iPod is a stereo microphone for your iPod. In fact, it can record in either 16-bit stereo or 8-bit mono for those long, drawn out lectures.

Lust rating = NEED it

The Apple M9861G/A iPod Camera Connector is the solution for those memory cards bursting at the seams with photos when you are out in the field. Using this gadget, you can link up your DSLR to your iPod and dump your photos down into the iPod. Your memory card will then be free again to take photos of those (maid?) characters walking up and down in Akiba. :)

And now for the "Just for Fun" list of iPod gadgets...

This makes turns your iPod into a flashlight. Wow, you could you this when...uhhh, when.....dunno.

Instead of just singing and annoying those around you, why don't you add to the thrill and be able to hear your own voice? Using Griffin Technology iKaraoke for iPod you can hear your own sweet voice along with the music.

And if you REALLY need your music at all times, use the
ATECH FLASH iCarta Stereo Dock with Bath Tissue Holder Hmmm, does this really need a lust rating?? :)


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