Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Shopping - 23 days to go - Items #24: Sirius Stiletto 100 + Samsung Helix XM/MP3 DAP

We're down to 23 days until Christmas! Today, I'll be doing items #24 and #23 to make up for a missed day. The concentration on this first post will be on cool, portable satellite radio receivers.

Sirius Stiletto 100
The Sirius Stiletto SL100-PK1 Satellite Radio Receiver let's you listen to satellite radio on the go, over WiFi, and can even store up to 100 hours of music!! Additionally, you can schedule and record music for your driving or workout pleasure. Finally, pause and rewind LIVE radio. You know you want it.

Lust rating = want it

Samsung Helix XM/MP3 Digital Audio Player
The Samsung YX-M1Z Helix XM2go Portable Satellite Radio with MP3 Player offers not only on-the-go satellite radio reception, but MP3 audio playing. In addition to that, it can store up to 50 hours of XM radio programming, and includes a wireless FM transmitter to send XM to any FM radio frequency.

Lust rating = meh. The Stiletto's scheduled recording got me. :)


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