Friday, June 01, 2007

Cover your mouth, Andrew Speaker! -or- How to protect yourself from TB germs?

What's up with people today? The silly lawyer Andrew Speaker "had" to go to Greece to get married. Did he even get married? Time will tell. What we do know is that he selfishly endangered many innocent people by flying an international flight while infected with a drug-resistant form of tuberculosis.

We here at gadget lust want you to be safe. Here are a couple of items to ensure that.

If you wanna go all out, there's a gas mask pictured here. Yes, it's really available for purchase! Of course, I'm not sure how people including TSA agents will treat you, but at least you'll be safe!

Do you remember the SARS epidemic in Hong Kong?
What about something more fashionable?? :)
Lust rating: Hope I never need it!!