Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tasty bits to get rid of that turkey aftertaste

A couple of tasty treats from Japan to refresh your mouth after all that turkey dinner.

Sharp just announced Papyrus, a color dictionary that has "WanSeg" capability (click here for info on WanSeg).

Now, an electronic dictionary is something used often to look up kanji, an English translation, or others. It has SD expansion slot allowing additional data/software and MP3 tune playing.

Lust rating = meh (need to live in Japan to enjoy WanSeg functionality)

TurboLinux Japan announced their "Wizpy." It's a MP3 player powered by Linux! It also includes FM radio reception, video playing (DivX!), OGG/AAC compatibility, and, like a U3 drive, the ability to have your own environment anywhere ~ like running Firefox off the gadget at any computer and not leaving any cookies, history behind.

I've gotta say, the marketing includes 「パソコンとして」(as a Computer). It's a lil misleading as it cannot be used as a computer per se. Ahh well, no need to gripe. :)

Lust rating = have to wait and see. Doesn't come out till Feb, 2007 according to the site


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