Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Virgin Sweet Sound

Getting nostalgic and going back a few posts...while you are travelling, do you ever want to record some sounds from the country/area that you are visiting?

Sure video will get you both visual and audio, but I'm more of a photographer. Getting some more flavor of the locale with the sounds is a great way to keep the memories.

This Sony PCM D-1 audio recorder is for "professionals." ooohh. 4 GB of internal memory and a slot for a MemoryStick, 96 kHz sound, and USB port. How exciting is that?

Lust rating = Want it! (but a bit out of reach with its pricetag)

Yamaha also has their own version called the SH-01. This one is geared more toward recording sound from musical instruments - guitar, saxophone, piano, etc. Of course, it also works for regular audio, but doesn't have that sexy look of Sony's recorder.


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