Saturday, November 18, 2006

007 - Top 5 gadget wishlist (????)

Mathmos aduki

007 gets tired and needs some relaxation. This small, portable light with changing colors is just the thing. It cycles through colors of pinks and violets. It's a shame that it doesn't receive and then relay any information, but that's what the next gadget is for.

This gadget in the image of a rabbit actually receives RSS feeds and then relays that information via sounds, lights, and movement of its ears! This article at CNet News sheds light on its features.

Hiding something in broad view is always the best way to hide. 007 would be wise to use this for receiving high priority messages regarding deception or new objectives for his current mission.

Tv watch

Being stuck on a long mission in an unknown country is never fun. Cold coffee, take-out food, and hours of waiting.

This gadget will bring in the antics of the SNL gang, updates on the saga of strandees on Lost, or hot scenes from Las Vegas. Of course, weather updates will also help in avoiding pneumonnia.

Meade eyepiece

Back to work...just the thing for those times when 007 happens to take a nap. This eyepiece will connect to a telescope and output to any video source - VCR, TV, portable PC with video input(!)

Sure, the image is black and white, but it provides LIVE feeds.

Lust rating = Want it (and think I "need it")

Spy gadgets book

And last but not least...we all know 007 is not MacGyver. This book will come in handy in those tight squeeze situations. How good is the book? Not sure, but it still comes in in the top 5 wishlist. :)


Blogger calsim8 said...

the new nabaztag/tag even comes with an embedded microphone so he can help bond with spy work as well!!

4:43 AM  
Blogger gadgetfanatic said...

haha, sweet! Take that Aibo!

8:25 AM  

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