Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2008, year of the Rat. Time to study Chinese?

Being fluent in Japanese certainly has its advantages, especially when you're a GadgetFanatic like I am. Reading newspapers, magazines, and blogs in Japanese in real-time helps get the jump on new info.

I've been thinking though, what about Chinese? With most mobos being designed and manufactured in Taiwan, and the rising "emerging market" known as China, the Chinese language could be a good tool as well.

I got a look at this book,Cheng & Tsui Chinese Character Dictionary: A Guide to the 2,000 Most Frequently-Used Characters, and have to say it looks VERY interesting and very useful. Not only does it contain the characters and meanings, but also stroke order, and multiple word samples. This book will soon be joining my bookshelf, methinks.

Lust rating: Need it!

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