Monday, July 21, 2008

Sony says, "F!"

Well, it's a new line of Sony laptops - FW series. You can see a Japanese article and video (bottom-page) here. Note, the video requires Silverlight to be installed.

If you watch the vid, the first speaker is an actress(?) and the second a pianist. The music the pianist plays is a song she created especially for Sony titled, "~f~" The song is supposed to evoke "feeling," which is what the "Sony F" stands for.

One of the cool highlights of this laptop is that you can record TWO programs at the same time! Crazy. As if we have enough time to watch all our content now.

Coming to the U.S.? No idea for now...

Lust rating: meh, no time to watch all my Tivo, Netflix, and other content.

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