Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sony's "Smile Shutter" camera - W300 13.6 megapixel

Oh yeah, don't you just hate missing that great shot? Especially when you want your grandchild,child,nephew,niece to smile?!

Sony has announced their latest megapixel wonder the W300 that includes "smile shutter." Watching it work on Japanese TV, it finds a face and waits for a smile and then clicks the shutter.

Thing is, on TV, it showed that it only worked on a child's face. The experiments proved as much. In fact, an interview with the marketing guy from Sony stated the same. Basically, the algorithm can determine a child by the facial features being closer together and a more round face as compared to an adult. I'm guessing this got Lost in Translation

In any case, it's cool technology.

Lust rating: Meh. My fingers aren't THAT slow!

photo credit: asmythie

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