Monday, September 10, 2007

Sony Rolly! Rolly, Rolly, Rolly, Get your Adverbs here

With apologies to the original Schoolhouse Rock!..., Sony has announced a new piece of music hardware named "Rolly." The egg-shaped looking hardware is pictured here.

Sony has created a product website to try to show what it is and what it can do. It's in Japanese, but don't worry, the content is primarily video. Here is the official press release in Japanese.

From their press release, this product takes Sony's expertise in music and melds it with their expertise in robotics...think, Aibo. There are only 2 buttons - power and Play. By bouncing the sound/music off of desks and floor, the Rolly creates "3D sound." Control of music such as fast forward or changing music settings is done by shaking the Rolly up and down or forward and backward. hmmmm....

Lust rating: ??

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